Green Tea

Green Tea

Green Tea

Although this tea comes from the same plant as other teas, it undergoes minimal process of oxidation and fermentation and hence, it largely retains it's nutrients. It is, therefore, believed to be one of the healthiest of teas and is the most popular tea in the world.

  • Regular Green Tea

    Regular Green Tea

    Starting fr. 75

    This bright greenish yellow brew is packed with anti-oxidants and nutrients. The flavour is extremely mellow and smooth wi..

  • Premium Green Tea

    Premium Green Tea

    Starting fr. 95

    This best selling tea is most sought after by green tea lovers. Mellow and smooth to taste, it is loaded with anti-oxidant..

  • Pearl Green Tea

    Exotic Pearl Green Tea

    Starting fr. 375

    This is the top of the line, high grade green tea grown in exclusive gardens for an optimal tea drinking experience.


  • Exotic Green Tea

    Exotic Green Tea

    Starting fr. 190

    This is one of the finest green teas from Darjeeling. An aromatic tea with floral and grassy flavour. A proven antioxidant.