Black Tea

Black Tea

Black Tea

Black tea is a harvested, dried and fermented giving the tea it's characteristic flavour. Black tea is more oxidised than other teas, hence it's stronger flavour. The profile of the tea depends on the processing and the different flavours depends on the oxidation process. This tea can either be leaf tea or CTC. As with all teas, it is loaded with various health giving properties.

  • Upper Namring First Flush

    Upper Namring First Flush

    Starting fr. 202.5 Starting fr. 225

    A premium First Flush of Darjeeling Tea harvested by highly experienced pluckers from the youngest  AV2 clonal bushes..

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  • Liza Hill Organic First Flush

    Liza Hill Organic First Flush {Luxury First Flush Darjeeling Orange Pekoe}

    Starting fr. 337.5 Starting fr. 375

    This intensely aromatic tea's pleasant taste will leave you with a feeling of nostalgia about the Darjeeling hills. 

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  • PuttabungMoondropsOrganic  First Flush 2020

    Puttabung Moon drops Organic First Flush 2020

    Starting fr. 337.5 Starting fr. 375

    A special, exquisite and high grade tea produced in very small quantities.  The leaves are carefully harvested soon after ..

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  • Oaks Wonder First Flush

    Oaks Wonder First Flush

    Starting fr. 510 Starting fr. 600

    The Oaks Tea Estate is 100% Organic and the Oaks Wonder First Flush is the first-ever clonal batch produced by this garden. It ..

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  • Thurbo Moonlight Second Flush

    Thurbo Moonlight Second Flush

    Starting fr. 828.75 Starting fr. 975

    Grown in one of the best tea producing regions of Darjeeling, Thurbo Tea Estate, this golden hued tea comes with a full-bo..

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  • Sungma Organic

    Sungma Organic

    Starting fr. 318.75 Starting fr. 375

    A premium muscatel tea with a delicious musky and fruity characteristics. Grown in Sungma Tea garden and labelled as ..

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  • Darjeeling Castleton Muscatel

    Darjeeling Castleton Muscatel Second Flush

    Starting fr. 573.75 Starting fr. 675

    A classic second flush tea with highly aromatic woody notes, smooth and rich with a pleasant hint of wine and a sweet char..

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  • Margaret's Hope Moonlight Dusk

    Margaret's Hope Moonlight Dusk Second Flush

    Starting fr. 892.5 Starting fr. 1050

    One of the most consistent tea gardens which produces top quality tea year after year. This particular tea has beena favourite ..

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  • Oaks Ogranic

    Oaks Organic

    Starting fr. 382.5 Starting fr. 450

    Oaks Tea Estate is 100% Organic and produces outstanding Darjeeling tea every year. Their second flush is particularly good. Th..

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